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Mold is preventable in your carpet = YES

11/28/2023 (Permalink)

Damaged Carpet Can you save your carpet from a water damage

When your home has a water damage incident, the next steps are to prevent carpet mold. This is a high priority because it can develop quickly and can smell. Deep pile carpets often harbor mold spores that accumulate over time. These, along with other microscopic organic materials, serve as mold nourishment. Examples are skin cells, tiny food bites, hair, insect parts, and even dust. All that seems to be missing from this point is the moisture-que the water damage.

Carpet is commonly saturated during water damage and is rapidly converted into a highly efficient mold-breeding ecosystem. These can and will release toxic airborne reproductive spores. This will spread contamination throughout the home.

Do You Need To Prevent Mold?

The factor in the effort to prevent carpet mold after water damage is time. From the moment water seeps into a carpet, it becomes a race against the clock.

Within 24 hours, dormant spores begin converting into active mold growth - Once 48 to 72 hours have elapsed without professional intervention, a wet carpet and the padding beneath it must be considered presumptively contaminated by mold and should be removed.

That's it-it's quick.

Can Carpet Mold Be Prevented?

As we said-move quick

* Remove the excess water

* Remove saturated padding beneath the carpet

* Steam clean inject an anti-microbial solution to kill residual mold. 

* High-Grade dehumidifiers and high-volume air movers to speed drying 

In any such occurrence, know that SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac will be your source and can help you with your water damage needs. 

Contact our team and/or read more in our blogs to know more about what we do and who we are!

Water Damage can go EVERYWHERE

11/22/2023 (Permalink)

Water Damage: It goes EVERYWHERE

Just like everything in life, there are situations where it is important to call a professional. Here are some of the best examples of situations where professional help should be sought out and advice taken:

Moisture has spread from one area/space to another area/space:

There are times when one area does not think water has gone into another space but the source should be addressed by a professional who will assess this and then come up with a strategy as to how to handle it. The professional will make appropriate recommendations based on type of water, how long it has been wet, if materials can be salvaged and more. This professional will advise on if further areas are affected and what they need to be done. 

Drain water backs up out of a toilet, sink or tub:

All drain water should be considered highly contaminated. Therefore, when it soaks into carpet or drywall it can have adverse health effects along with being a super fuel for other types of microbial growth. Most people assume that sewage is highly contaminated but any drain water is considered highly contaminated and just plain dangerous.

When you need help finding a leak/source of water:

Many times, people just think of plumbing when leaks occur yet when you are not sure where the water is coming from, a certified technician can help expose if something is coming from the roof, windows, siding or more. Additionally, they can help eliminate sources thus pinpointing the root cause. Next-the source has to be addressed before remediation and repair are completed. If this isn’t corrected-it’s possible to cause an issue all over again. 

To assess the extent of a complex water-related incident: Don’t overlook ANYTHING.

Complex water related incidents can include many scenarios. Some examples are a mystery leak that is finally resolved and then discovered to have affected many other areas that are along the water lines. It is always best to err on the side of caution with having inspections done regularly and addressing any issue when it is small before it becomes a bigger issue.

Contact SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac for more information and to answer any Water Restoration questions in your home or business. 

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Mold in the winter months

11/22/2023 (Permalink)

Excessive indoor moisture can be caused by a number of issues; water damage, plumbing leaks, leaky roofs, high indoor humidity, and condensation are potential concerns.

Condensation on and around windows is normal and may seem harmless, but it is one of the biggest moisture culprits when it’s cold outside but warm inside—as is typically the case during the winter months.

Window condensation occurs when moisture in the warm air inside your home liquefies upon contact with glass or other surfaces that are drastically cooler due to freezing outdoor temperatures. High humidity contributes to this process because there is excess moisture in the air.

While minor condensation doesn’t usually lead to problems, it is important to dry window surfaces regularly to keep condensation from accumulating and being absorbed by the wood and drywall around the windows. Mold feeds on such organic materials and can develop in as little as 24 hours. 

How to Get Rid of Mold

There is no reason to treat winter mold any differently from mold that appears at any other point in the year. 

If you discover evidence of mold in your home call:

SERVPRO of Bloomington / Gibson City / S. McLean County  309-827-7500

Displacement Bags for fire customers

11/22/2023 (Permalink)

When a fire breaks out-

Priority 1) Get everyone out

Next 2) Call the fire department

But then what should I do next? 

Sometimes it’s a small fire-others are a total loss. We help keep you informed on how to prevent situations that could cause a fire and we let you know what we can do to get your life back to how it was. But what’s going on in the middle?

Many situations call for the individuals to be displaced for a short to long period. And in many of those situations, they are unable to have those bare essentials we take for granted-just to get through a couple of days.

SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac started to partner up with local businesses to provide, what we call displacement bags. These bags go with our folks on the scene as well as several first responder units. They are of no obligation to use our services but they provide just a little to get through a day or so to ease some stress. 

Items include Personal Hygiene, notepad, Laundry supplies, donated discounted hotel rooms, the bag itself to carry items, and much more.

These bags are meant to get a household through a day or so-organizations like Red Cross and the Salvation Army provide further assistance as needed. These types of organizations do such a great service in getting those folks who need assistance during that time-we salute them!

For services after the fire contact us for your Fire Remediation needs.  

Large Loss Doesn't Have to be a Large Headache.

8/5/2022 (Permalink)

Large Loss What can SERVPRO Large Loss do for you?

When your commercial property is suddenly hit with devastating damage due to a storm, a flood, a fire or any other disaster - WE ARE READY. 

Visit our website, talk with a Project Manager or Marketing rep - they can help answer questions and set up a plan to have prior to any instance. 

These disasters can leave you, your employees and customers in a total shock. 

It’s important to know that you have professional large-loss specialists who are able to handle the restoration process as quickly as possible so that you can get back to business. SERVPRO’s Disaster Recovery Team is an elite team of technicians. We’re strategically located around the country and prequalified to respond Faster to any size disaster. With the aid of local SERVPRO Franchises, the process will move quickly and efficiently for your building and your piece of mind. 

Contact SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac for more information and to answer any restoration/remediation question.

Call us today 

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Devastation is Real

8/1/2022 (Permalink)

Large or Small Damages Doesn't Matter The Size of The Damage, We Can Help.

Doesn’t matter how big or small, a fire in your home takes a very heavy toll. Along with the loss of countless treasures and irreplaceable memories, you still have to put the pieces of your life back together. It is not easy to know who to call and what to do in those moments.

Our team is here for you every step of the way. We’ve helped countless families in the Central Illinois area recover from house fires. Here is our guide on the process of handling a house fire damage, starting with the very first steps.

What to Do After Your House Fire

Once you are safe, the first step is to call 911. Under no circumstances should you re-enter the home until firefighters have told you it is safe to do so. Even though a fire may appear to have gone out, it can restart without warning or cause damage to your home's structure making it unstable.

If you, your family, or your pets have any injuries, find transportation to the nearest hospital or vet immediately. Once they are taken care of, you should call your family and friends to let them know you are safe and find somewhere to stay. If you need assistance with this, the Salvation Army or Local Churches often will be able to assist. 

Upon receiving the all-clear from a fire professional, contact your insurance company and a fire restoration company like SERVPRO Of Bloomington/Pontiac to come and assess the damage. Once again, do not re-enter the home to retrieve any items or attempt to clean. We’ll need to document everything the way it is after the fire for insurance purposes.

Securing Your Property and It’s Belongings

After the initial assessment, your insurance company may require you to board up any windows and doors to prevent looting or further damage. This will ensure your safety and well-being in the next couple of days ahead.

If you lost any important documents in the fire, such as your license, passport, or credit cards, take the appropriate steps to cancel and replace them as soon as possible. Do not attempt to recover any fire-safe boxes you may have in your home yourself. Fire professionals can get them for you as long as you let them know right away.

SERVPRO can safely store and clean your belongings until repairs are made and you are ready for return delivery.

Property Clean Up

Cleaning up after a fire is the most intensive part of the process and where our team will provide the most support. Our experienced fire restoration experts will go over the following with you before taking any action:

  • The effects of heat and smoke on your home as a whole
  • Pros and cons of restoration vs. replacement of your home and where your insurance stands
  • Steps to take with your insurance to get you back on your feet quickly

SERVPRO Of Bloomington/Pontiac makes the process as easy as possible. We understand that this is a tough time in your life. Our team will take care of the smoke damage and soot removal by cleaning and making repairs along the way by trusted and trained professionals.

The timing that the fire damage restoration process takes depends on the extent of the damage and what suppression methods firefighters used. We'll keep you updated throughout the entire process and provide any documentation your insurance company needs to cover temporary housing while we restore your home.

We Are the Top Fire Damage Restoration Company

Our crew specializes in fire restoration and complete-loss rebuilds. You can trust us to handle all your restoration needs, including working directly with your insurance company. We pride ourselves on the work we do to help our clients get back on their feet. Our caring and compassionate team will be with you every step of the way. If you’re dealing with fire damage or have lost your home due to a fire, give us a call to quickly get your life back on track.

Contact SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac for more information and to answer any Fire Restoration questions. 

Call us today at 309-827-7500 or visit our website at

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Do you need to worry about Hail Damage?

8/1/2022 (Permalink)

Hail Hail can be so pretty.....and so devastating

Signs of Hail Damage from the Ground and What that Means for YOUR Home.

Even if you can’t see your entire roof while standing on the ground, there are still some signs of hail damage that can be indicated without getting out a ladder. The presence of these signs is an indication that you might have more hail damage on your roof.

Dents and Dings on Your Siding or even Your Window Sills

Just by a quick walk around your property, you can easily check the siding and window sills for hail damage. If a hail storm caused significant dents and dings to these areas, it’s likely that your roof sustained heavy damage as well. Even just a faint ding to these surfaces could be cause for concern. External damage could lead to internal damage quite quickly.

Signs of Hail Damage From the Roof

Keep in mind that getting up on a roof and inspecting it can be very dangerous. You should take all possible safety precautions to protect yourself. When in doubt, leave the roof inspection to the professionals. If you are not sure who to call, contact SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac. Even though we don’t do roof repair, we can help find someone to help to get you what you need. Once you get on the roof, there are several things you should be looking for to identify hail damage. Just like with the gutters, you’ll want to check for dents and damage to any of the surfaces on your roof including vents, skylights, and chimneys.

Large hail generally creates easy-to-see dents in the shingles and other roof surfaces while smaller hail creates damage that can be trickier to find. A helpful tip roofing company uses is to bring a stick of sidewalk chalk up with you to the roof. With surfaces like the chimney cover, you can rub the chalk sideways across the surface to help find any places where the hail caused a dent.

You should spend most of your time checking the shingles on the roof. Hail damage to shingles will have small or large dents and dings on them, as these are telltale signs of hail damage.

Never assume that there’s no damage to your home just because the hail looked small. Go through the steps of looking for roof damage any time you have a major hail storm in your area.

Do You Have to Fix Roof Damage Caused by Hail?

If you go through the whole process of looking for damage to your roof after a hail storm and find damage, what then? Do you have to fix that damage immediately?

Yes, you should repair your roof as soon as possible if you notice hail damage. If left unaddressed, the damage could severely compromise your roof and lead to water damage or other structural problems in your home. Luckily, most homeowners insurance policies will cover hail damage to your roof. Be sure to reach out to your insurance provider when you discover the damage to see if your roof repairs or replacement will be covered. Know ahead of time what kind of coverage you have. 

Don’t wait to address damage to your roof caused by hail. The sooner you deal with the problem, the less likely it is to cause additional issues down the line.

Once a storm has gone through and damaged a roof so far that it now is causing damage to the interior of your building-contact SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac. We can help get the help you need for your roof and get the interior repaired to get life back to right. 

Contact SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac for more information and to answer any Storm Restoration questions. 

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When the Wind blowing your bad news.

8/1/2022 (Permalink)

Faster to Any Disaster What Damage can the Wind do?

How to Help Prevent Wind Damage to Your Home

Owning a home that is highly susceptible to wind damage puts you and your family at higher risk of major damage. Dealing with an injury or the possible financial burden of a deteriorating house is a difficult weight to carry. Because of this, it is imperative that you take the necessary steps to prevent it from possibly occurring.


Wind by itself is not all that dangerous to your home. The trouble comes when it blows any surrounding debris into the side of your house. Things such as rotting trees, branches, or even gravel can destroy your property if you are not careful. Removing these items from the area is an excellent way to nip any future problems in the bud. You may be hesitant to do this as removing trees from a property consumes both time and money; however, leaving it and putting your home at risk create the possibility of a bigger problem. Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to recognize this and end up dealing with the expensive damages left behind by the tree’s limbs.


Sealing off the gaps and cracks in your home removes its vulnerability. These entry points allow wind and water to enter your home, possibly creating many other issues. Resealing the areas around your windows and doors with caulk will help prevent flooding and mold issues exacerbated by wind and moisture.

Contact SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac for more information and to answer any Storm Damage Repair  questions in your home or business.

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Over The Edge 2022!

8/1/2022 (Permalink)

OTE 2022 We are going to have some fun this year!

I am going OVER THE EDGE of the Bloomington-Normal Marriott Hotel & Conference Center on September 10, 2022, to support the kids in our community through the Boys & Girls Club of Bloomington-Normal and the Child Protection Network.

We Participated in this event last year and had so much fun! We encourage anyone whom is interested in participating to join or if you wish to see our team go OVER THE EDGE, feel free to donate!

Both organizations provide safety, support and guidance to thousands of kids every year. Help us keep these able to do what they are so great at doing!

Please visit their websites for more information:

Support our Team!

Supporting our Local Fire Departments

8/1/2022 (Permalink)

Let's go Golfing! Let's spend some day in the sun supporting an awesome cause!

SERVPRO Of Bloomington/Pontiac is proud of our sponsorship to several community organizations. 

With the annual Normal Firefighters IAFF Local 2442 golf outing quickly approaching we want to remind everyone how easy it is to sign up!

Simply scan the QR code on their Facebook page flyer and it will take you to the sign up! Please share with any family or friends that like to golf and want to help out a great cause!