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Why Community Involvement is so important

3/16/2021 (Permalink)

We are here to help SERVPRO is here for our communities

Small-business owners love what they do- you have to in order to run a small business. They play an important role in supporting their local communities as well. These businesses are providing a hometown feel for communities and are working hard to know their neighbors.  These small companies do a lot to help others who live nearby in so many ways. When it comes to showing support for small businesses, and it’s important to do so, it’s not just to help them gain revenue and stay operational. Everything from the local boutique to the corner bakery relies on the support of loyal local customers to keep its doors open.  When you spend money at a small business, you’ll gain plenty of wonderful benefits as well. Choosing SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac for your service needs provides you and your community with valuable benefits.

Excellent and personalized customer service that can’t be beat!

Small-business owners build the relationships they have with each of their customers. They rely on regular clients as well as the sporadic customers. Being adaptable to both not only helps them earn a profit but also to spread the word to others about their company. Because these small businesses need the support of the community, you can expect to get friendly, personal customer service.

The staff of a smaller-sized business will typically be more available to answer detailed questions about the products and services. They can also order specific items for you to purchase at your request and are more available to customize your product. They also take more care into getting to know their customers, since they’re all an important part of the community they serve. More than anything, word of mouth counts when it comes to small business advertising.  It’s not surprising that businesses want every single customer to have a positive experience each and every time. Expect to be greeted with smiling faces and eager help when you shop at a small business. This positive experience will keep you coming back, which is a win for everyone involved.

Innovation and Competition Thrive….

Because it can be more difficult for small businesses to stay current and up to date, they constantly have to work on adding new products to their shelves, new skills in their toolbox, new services in their lineup and new benefits for their customers. This is an overly positive thing, since it sparks healthy competition with their larger competitors.

It also encourages small companies to innovate, adding unique spins on the things they offer in order to keep customers returning and referring.  You can also find more personalized, unique items at many small businesses that you won’t see in the big-box stores. The same goes for services and skill work. At SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac, we take pride in employing talented skill workers. We also have developed relationships with local trades for skills we may not have. These relationships provide so much more than what we can do alone.  While larger retailers tend to focus only on the most popular items, smaller businesses have the freedom to fill smaller niches with less common and more innovative products—and supporting other local small businesses.

Community Support Can’t be beat---

By supporting a small business, you’re also supporting the local community. Spending your money there helps to stimulate the local economy and keep business thriving in your local region. These smaller-sized businesses help to create and sustain jobs, they employee those new to the workforce, those learning new trades, provide income for other small businesses-- as well as keep the area vibrant and buzzing. The support of the community means a great deal to a small-business owner, and they typically enjoy returning the favor by participating in fundraisers, local sponsorships and holding special events to show their appreciation. Coming together to spend your money with local business shows that you appreciate the things they’re doing for your neighborhood and the services that they provide. The support of the community works both ways when it comes to buying from and owning a small business. Every purchase made from these companies helps the owner provide wages for their workers, keep the lights on, keeps their kids in sports and put food on the table for their families.

We believe in our communities and the people that make them up. We work hard to build relationships as well as believing in them. SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac is here for you and all of your Restoration-Reconstruction needs. We have the strength of a national brand, powered by all things local. Our families appreciate you.

24/7/365……"Like it never even happened."®

What SERVPRO does for you

6/29/2020 (Permalink)

commercial spot We are here to service from start to finish.

SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac franchise professionals understand all situations.

As an agent, adjuster, contractor or manager you have a responsibility to keep costs down while still providing the best services possible for your customers/residents. SERVPRO Professionals are qualified to help. The results we produce speak enough for themselves.

Our Emergency Response to Claims

Restoring property is the SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac’s first priority. Your customers will appreciate the immediate response we provide. You will know everything is being done to limit the damage and turn properties around. We are well aware that restoring a property is more economical than replacing most properties. SERVPRO will make sure all pretesting is completed on every loss to determine what can be restored and what cannot. 

The professionals with SERVPRO can provide an itemized loss inventory system. This includes an Excel report and pictures of those important items.

Electronic Claims Information Available

Our Claims Information Center provides fast, accurate information you need to make sound decision. These include Notice of Loss, Detailed Estimate, Photos, Forms and Paperwork as well as a Complete Electronic Job File and many more.

What we do on our end?

Effective training and certification is the best way to help ensure your customers receive the service they deserve. SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontic professionals are trained to IICRC standards in Fire and Water Cleanup and Restoration. They are also diligent on continuing education classes available to franchise professionals and insurance clients at our state-of-the-art IICRC Approved Training Facility. We continue to only use qualified professional vendors to help service customers as well.

A SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac professional's main job is to complete work the customer needs and wants. They perform quality service and to report to you quickly and thoroughly. Working together we strive to save you time so you can focus on your priorities. SERVPRO professionals documented, measured performance increases value to you and your shareholders, managers and customers.

SERVPRO leads the industry in the fire and water cleanup and restoration. The SERVPRO System is geared to achieve customer satisfaction and mitigation results, adding to your company’s competitive advantage.

When you need us. We are here.

SERVPRO Bloomington/Pontiac 309-827-7500

Why Choose SERVPRO for Fire Damage

6/29/2020 (Permalink)

Burned Room Who do you trust to take care of your home?

Why Choose SERVPRO for Fire Damages?

Fire damage restoration is a delicate task that should only be handled by professionals. What’s left after a fire is not just fire damage. There is water damage and possibly structural damage necessitated by firefighters to control and assure that the fire is fully extinguished.

Fire-retardant chemicals, soot and smoke damage fill an area and can create toxicity that must be handled quickly and carefully. Professionals with SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac are trained to maximize the salvage of belongings and can try to prevent further damage. We will be there as the fire is extinguished by emergency personnel in order to start the process. We want to take some of the stress out of an extremely stressful situation.  We will work quickly to assure your property is secure through our board up services. The following are a few important aspects of Fire Damage Restoration you need to keep in mind.


Once the fire services are done controlling the fire, our experts carefully and efficiently inspect the site for damage. They will classify the damage according to the cause i.e. fire, water, chemicals, and smoke. After determining the type and level of damage, we shall create a custom detailed report and generate a restoration plan. We will work with you closely throughout the restoration process.

Eliminate smoke odors and removal of residue

We will eliminate smoke and odors from the site. Smoke is corrosive and may cause further damage to your possessions and so it is imperative to eliminate it first.

We remove soot from the entire structure as well as removing wet carpets to discourage mold growth.

Protect undamaged property

There may be parts of your property that were not affected by the fire. The restoration team will seal off these areas to avoid damage from smoke, soot, and odors. Items in these areas will be moved to a storage facility through inventory and packing to ensure their well-being and safety.


We will repair, replace, and rebuild any affected areas. The items damaged beyond repair are listed for the owner and will follow up with your insurers. Belongings that can be cleaned are restored and returned.

For fire restoration in central Illinois contact SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac.


Who to Choose for Large Loss

6/22/2020 (Permalink)

Large Loss Team We have the to do what you need to resolve your Large Loss !

How do you Choose a Large Loss Company?

When disaster strikes, we try to find any way to deal with it. Large loss situations are no different. They do, however, come with their own set of very unique and very difficult challenges. Resources required to repair and amount of damage are often much larger. Know what it takes to have success with a Large Loss Team and how do you choose them-

Generally speaking, a large loss event is one that stretches beyond one or two properties, to encompass an entire neighborhood, region or even larger area. Examples can include;

  • hurricanes/storm damage
  • widespread flooding
  • earthquakes
  • terrorist events

Look for Experience and Trained Teams

Any local restoration company can claim they know how to complete a large response. Only a few companies are truly equip to handle large loss. Ask all of your options for examples of their work and their strategies for clean up.

Look for a Large Team

A big loss requires a large and swift response. Make sure your prospective team has a large staff trained to properly respond, manage the project, and restore the affected structure or structures. This could be a local team in coordination with a large loss team brought in.

Look for Quick Response times

Flooding can cause major damage to your property in just 24 hours or quicker, so it’s critical that a disaster response team assess the damage and develop the plan quickly and efficiently.  Make sure to choose a cleanup partner able to arrive within an hour of your phone call to assess.
The way you handle a large catastrophic loss can have implications for years to come. Make sure you do things the right way. Use the above tips to find the right cleanup partner and you won’t regret making the wrong decision.

Contact SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac for any large loss needs or questions.

Who We Are

6/22/2020 (Permalink)

Corporate Green We are here. We are ready for you

Why Choose SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac

Our company was founded in Sacramento, California in 1967. Ted and Doris Isaacson launched as a painting business and soon decided to transform their company. The Isaacson’s developed their company into a cleaning and restoration business, quickly growing to sell their first franchise in 1969. The company has continued to grow. Headquarters was relocated to Gallatin, Tennessee in 1988-this was to make sure they were within 600 miles of 50% of the United States. SERVPRO Corporate has always been heavily involved in community services and was awarded “Small Business of the Year” in 1991.   

Since then, every SERVPRO franchise has had a strong emphasis on community involvement. Every year our SERVPRO Franchise support several community and charity events. For SERVPRO Bloomington/Pontiac, this includes sponsoring several sport teams and gifts for The Baby Fold during the Holidays.

Our goal is to be a strong presence in the community we live in, shop in and are involved in. We share partnerships on social media and keep ourselves involved in local chamber of commerce. Supporting our community and local businesses is a huge part of helping our community thrive.

We are in some truly unique and different times. We do what we can to make sure that our communities know we are here to support them. Feel free to approach us with any questions.

Emergency Ready Plan

6/17/2020 (Permalink)

ERP Emergency Ready plans

Emergency Ready Plan

When a business is forced to close due to disaster, long term effects can be tragic. Statistics show that an estimated 50% of businesses that close for such reasons never reopen.

SERVPRO has worked with local businesses for years to develop programs to have them ready. SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac can come in and help set up an Emergency Ready Plan.

More than 60% of U.S small businesses have no formal emergency plans in place to minimize loss of business or quick recovery.  There are a few things you can do to create a successful Emergency Ready Plan.

Start out by contacting professionals. Working with emergency restoration companies will help you create a plan to use that best works for your company. Be sure all of your Utility Shut-off locations are properly labeled. Identify all local emergency contact information including fire, police and hospitals.

The SERVPRO Ready Plan is a tool we have developed to aid our communities. We are a proven leader in our industry and strive to build our communities. We are a dedicated provider of emergency services-we strive to make it “Like it never even happened.” What we will do is go walk you through the process, take pictures, finish the booklet and hand it to the businesses. Free of charge. No obligation. It will hold all the information you need in an Emergency….at your fingertips.

We are SERVPRO. We are here help.

Why Choose Our Company

6/15/2020 (Permalink)

Preventative Bio hazard Cleaning SERVPRO Team working together to complete a cleaning

What can we do to help you?

SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac has been here for our community for over 40 years.

We know how to spot potential hazards to property and/or health. Our crews are trained on fire, water, mold and re-construction.

Our moto is “Like it never even happened.” And that’s what we strive to accomplish. We inspect sites to  make sure any underlying issues are identified and corrected-so it’s done right the first time.

We work quickly and efficiently on every job, both our field crew and our office crew. We are built to reply immediately and work with full crews on clean-up around your schedule. We want to make sure damage is quickly resolved to prevent any long-term issues such as mold or mildew.

Our office team works hard to have crews to you when your schedule allows. They also will help you with your insurance claims from start to finish.

We have years of experience dealing with insurance companies. We know that filling out and submitting all the necessary paperwork can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming. We want to make this experience as painless as possible and you get paid quickly.

We also can help with the overwhelmingly daunting task of going through items to know what to keep and what is damaged beyond redemption. After any devastating event-we are here to help.

We are here for you.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Why SERVPRO For Fire Restoration

6/26/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage restoration is a task that should only be tackled by professionals. 

The aftermath of a fire is not only a charred mess, but it can also include water damage and structural damage necessitated by firefighters to controlled and assure a fire is extinguished.

Fire-retardant chemicals, soot and smoke damage permeate the area and can create toxicity that must be handled with care to prevent health issues.

Professionals can maximize salvaging your belongings and prevent further damage.

SERVPRO of Bloomington/Normal will come to your aid as soon as the fire is extinguished by emergency personnel. We will work quickly to assure your property is secure through our board up services.

Why SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac for fire restoration?


Once the fire services are done controlling the fire, our experts carefully and efficiently inspect the site for damage. They will classify the damage according to the cause i.e. fire, water, chemicals, and smoke. After determining the type and level of damage, we shall create a custom detailed report and generate a restoration plan. We will work with you closely throughout the restoration process.

Eliminate smoke odors

We will eliminate smoke and odors from the site. Smoke is corrosive and may cause further damage to your possessions and so it is imperative to eliminate it first.

Remove residue

We remove soot from the entire structure as well as removing wet carpets to discourage mold growth.

Protect undamaged property

There may be parts of your property that were not affected by the fire. The restoration team will seal off these areas to avoid damage from smoke, soot, and odors. Items in these areas will be moved to a storage facility through inventory and packing to ensure their well-being and safety.


We will repair, replace, and repaint the affected areas. The items damaged beyond repair shall be filed in an inventory which we will follow up with your insurers. Belongings that can be cleaned are restored.

For fire restoration in central Illinois contact SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac.  309-827-7500

Why SERVPRO For Water Damage

6/25/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage in your home or business can be caused by a variety of things. From natural disasters to malfunctioning plumbing systems. SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac is here to clean up water damage of any size.

Water damage can be very frustrating. Our advanced equipment helps to detect hidden moisture, extract the standing water quickly, and thoroughly clean and dry your home and belongings. We finish the job with professional deodorization and sanitizing agents for your comfort and safety. We will remove the affected materials, deodorize, and restore your home or business to its original condition.


Our first step is to resolve the cause of the water. Whether it’s a leaky dishwasher, broken supply line, or sewage backup, the restoration process begins with fixing the problem. Without identifying and resolving the cause of the water damage, you will only have more problems in the future.

Water Extraction

Once the cause of the water is fixed, we can remove standing water and sewage from the affected areas. Depending on the specific damage, water extraction may take place after removal and disposal.

Removal and Disposal

We then inspect the damage and remove materials that cannot be restored. This may include materials like plaster, drywall, ceilings, carpeting, and carpet padding as well as personal items affected by the damage. Unfortunately, furniture, paper-products like books, magazines, and newspapers, and other porous items may need to be discarded.

Dry Out

After disposing of materials that cannot be restored, we use air movers and dehumidifiers to dry out areas and materials that can be salvaged. We closely monitor our equipment to ensure the fastest drying time possible and prevent further damage. Dry out may take several days depending on the extent of the damage.


The final step to water damage restoration is rebuilding and restoring your home or business to its original condition. This may include hanging new drywall, laying new carpeting, installing new cabinets, and refinishing hardwood floors. It may be necessary to replace damaged appliances or fix structural issues with your property as well.

When it comes to water damage in your home or business, SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac is here for you 24/7/ 365.

Why SERVPRO For Smoke Remediation

6/21/2019 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac  we know the massive damage a fire can do to your home. Smoke touches everything in your home. Even in a small house fire, smoke can damage your entire home. Odors from smoke can cling to every room and your personal belongings can smell like smoke as well. The soot from the fire can damage your walls, even if they were not touched by the flames.

Smoke Remediation is an important part of restoring your home after a fire. Smoke odor can linger for years without proper remediation. If your home has been damaged by fire, it is important to contact a professional that specializes in smoke remediation.

At SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac, we are experts in smoke remediation and odor removal. A house fire can be devastating and we understand the need to make your house into a home again.

  • 24/7 emergency board-up service
  • Prompt damage assessment and estimates
  • Property removal, cleaning and storage of your personal belongings
  • Cleaning, including removal of debris, water extraction, disinfection and dehumidifying
  • Smoke remediation, which includes odor removal and ozone treatment to remove harmful toxins in the air.
  • Restoring your home – structural repairs, painting, floor restoration and refinishing

We work hard to restore your home after a disaster. Our highly trained smoke remediation specialists and decades of experience means we can work with you and your insurance company to completely restore your home in a timely manner.

For fire, smoke and soot damage contact SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac  309-827-7500

Why SERVPRO For Mold?

6/20/2019 (Permalink)

Mold can be very elusive, growing undetected in cracks and even within the walls of your home. A thorough mold inspection of your property must be performed to locate potential mold infestations as well as the source of water fueling the mold growth.

SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac will conduct a visual examination of the structure as well as use advanced technology like infrared cameras and moisture readings of surrounding structures to detect excessive moisture. SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac employ mold remediation protocols that meet state and local building codes to ensure complete eradication.

It is critical to ensure that mold removal is complete. Ineffective mold removal will result in continued mold growth and the need for additional mold remediation services in the future. Clearance testing after mold remediation services ensure that the mold removal is successful and that mold is no longer a problem.

Mold remediation is a job that demands prompt attention. Mold often creates a musty odor and mold can create serious health complications. If you don’t actually know how to go about the process of mold removal and cleaning, attempting to get rid of it on your own could actually make the problem worse while putting your own health at risk.

We specialize in water and mold damage restoration, the cornerstone of our business. We have the training and expertise to safely handle any mold situation.

SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac employees live and work in this community too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, we are close by and ready to help with your mold damaged property.

If you suspect mold in your central Illinois home or business, call us today 309-827-7500

Why Use SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac

6/18/2019 (Permalink)

We’ll make your home or office safe

 SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac knows where to look to spot potential health hazards, such as black mold, and not only get rid of current problems, but help to prevent future issues. Although cosmetic work, such as re-painting and re-plastering will make your building look fresh and new, there could still be underlying smoke and mold problems that could cause or aggravate health issues for years to come.

We’ll work quickly   

 We can attack your clean-up job with a full crew immediately, while you’ll have to work the clean-up around your already busy schedule. Cleaning up the damage quickly will help to prevent the damage from spreading and mold and mildew from forming.

We’ll help with your insurance claim. 

SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac has years of experience dealing with insurance companies after a fire or flood. We can help you fill out and submit the necessary paperwork to get your money quickly. Plus, the services of fire and water damage restoration companies are covered under most homeowners’ insurance policies.

We’ll help you decide what’s salvageable. 

 We will be invaluable in helping you determine what items you should keep and what is damaged beyond redemption. In the aftermath of a fire or flood, it can be difficult for you to make such decisions without being emotional.

Contact Us 24 / 7 / 365

Choosing The Right Water Restoration Company

6/18/2019 (Permalink)

Choosing the Right Water Damage Restoration Contractor

Ask for Certification

The first thing to ask your potential contractor is this question: “Are you certified in doing the water damage restoration of my home?” First of all, you do not want someone to do major changes around your home if they are legally not allowed to. 

24/7 Availability

Water damage can happen anytime. It can ruin your home in as fast as you can finish reciting the alphabet. When a water damage restoration company does not offer 24/7 services, they cannot be considered an emergency service company. A great water damage restoration service company will be available when they are needed. This should be true regardless if it is in the middle of the night or when the sun is up.

When it comes to water damage, we all know that time is of the essence. This is due to the fact that if the issue is quickly dealt with, the easier it is for the property to get back to its original state. The professionals should also arrive on time to ensure that fixing the issue will be dealt with promptly. When it comes to water damage, an immediate reaction can result in quicker action. As soon as you see a sign of water damage in the area, it is important to select the right water damage restoration quickly. This can help save your life, your home, and the health of the people in the property.

Uses Modern Equipment

A good water damage restoration company will invest in the latest equipment that can help eliminate water damage. The edge of having modern equipment is that it can speed up the restoration process. When it comes to water damage, time is of the essence and great water damage restoration companies put value into this fact.

Performs Initial Inspection of the Property

Before providing a final quotation, the water damage restoration company would send a representative to inspect the property. This will allow them to assess the situation before giving the client a final quote. This would be an accurate assessment, but these are not the final numbers for the water damage restoration service. After the final inspection, the water damage restoration representative can safely say what is needed to enhance the restoration process.

Years of Experience in the Water Damage Restoration Business

Years of experience in the business will provide an edge that is not present over newer companies. When a company has experience, they are pretty much equipped to handle almost anything since they have undergone these experiences before. There is no school that can teach the things that you learn from experience.

SERVPRO of Bloomington/Pontiac meets and exceeds all criteria.We have been serving central Illinois for over 30 yrs and are a certified industry leader in water removal and cleanup. We can provide properties with the fast and efficient mitigation work that they need to dry up their damaged property quickly 24/7. Our highly trained staff will dry your property using state-of-the-art water removal equipment and advanced drying techniques, documenting the drying process to make sure your property is dry and the job is done right.

Water Damage? Call Us Today!